Dynamic Parallelism with a GeForce GTX 750 Ti


I have a GeForce GTX 750 Ti and want to do Dynamic Parallelism with it ; however, when my code runs, NSight desactivates breakpoints due to preemption mode.
I desactivated preemption mode, it still didn’t work, and I figured out I should make my GPU headless.

The problem is, I don’t have the needed second GPU, and my motherboard doesn’t support two GPUs at the same time anyway.

My questions are :

  • What kind of GPU can I use to display, alongside the headless 750 Ti ?
  • What kind of motherboard would support it ?

Please help, thanks in advance !

Wait, was your conclusion that the only way to get dynamic parallelism is to stop your GPU from being your display GPU as well?


If you cannot install two GPUs in the system and you want to debug a CUDA application using CUDA Dynamic Parallelism you will likely have to run Nsight VSE on a second computer and remote debug the system with the 750Ti.


Thank you, I will try this !


do we have a pointer to howto 2xGPU usage of Nsight with CUDA Dynamic Parallelism on a single box?

GTX 750Ti would be good, do we have a reference or example motherboard or box?

presumably GTX 980 also need 2x as getting pricey…