Dynamic textures clCreateFromGLTexture2D not mapping

Attached is a simple simulation of Conway’s Game of Life on a 2D grid (and associated kernel). With #define FULL_INTEROP 0 it works fine. With #define FULL_INTEROP 1, it uses clCreateFromGLTexture2D() and texture maps a square, rather than using clCreateImage2D() and glDrawPixels(). Although this version also executes without error message, the original textures are never updated - on NVIDIA platforms (G80, GT200, GF100). It works fine on a Mac! Am I missing some NVIDIA-specific context property?

Thanks for any help,

p.s. The site would not let me upload the kernel, newlife.cl, without renaming it. Please change the
name back to newlife.cl before executing.

newlife.cl.cpp (1.01 KB)
newlifeFI.cpp (7.1 KB)