Eclipse CDT Eclipse CDT for developing CUDA program


I was wondering if anybody has tried to use Eclipse CDT for CUDA programming. A CDT based plugin specific to CUDA will be nice to have.

Please comment.



The CDT plugin for Eclipse is great. The code-style is nearly C, except for those <<< >>> constructions.

After installing the CDT, add .cu-files to the list of ‘C source files’ to make sure you get syntax highlighting and the the .cu files are included in the Make files.

I had some trouble changing the project compiler settings (generated Make file did not work), so I changed the command line:

${COMMAND} -deviceemu -Xcompiler -I/data/apps/cuda/include -I/data/apps/cuda/common/inc -c -o ${OUTPUT} ${INPUTS}

Of course you should change the include paths and leave the deviceemu option out if you would like to use the graphics card.

The $COMMAND should point to your nvcc.

You can use gcc for your linker, but remember to add the correct libraries and search paths.

These are my debug/testing settings, when all is done I have a Release-configuration without the deviceemu option.

I use eclipse also, and it works very well. Though, I don’t like its auto make file stuff. Luckily, it can configured in a non-managed mode and use whatever make file you provide. I use CMake to generate my make files, for which there is a very nice CUDA component FindCUDA.cmake (search the forums)

Take a look at my post:…st&p=496496