Gedit syntax for CUDA

Hey guys,

does anybody here have a gedit plugin for CUDA syntax highlightning?

Thanks a lot!

I second the need for good highlighters. Eclipse is pretty good with CUDA code, but it doesn’t understand the <<< >>> syntax. I don’t have the faintest idea where to begin implementing highlighting things … anyone have experience with this type of deal? Or the inner workings of IDE’s in general? (Sorry OP for stealing the focus from gedit … but any work to implement highlighting in other editors will help with gedit also.)

If you can survive with a c or C++ style,In gedit you don’t need any plugin. Just specify the highlighting style you like in view -> highlight mode.

Most editors can be tuned to use C highlighting with CUDA. Kdevelop and emacs among them.

I know I use CDT on Eclipse (C/C++ IDE for Eclipse) for CUDA developing. CDT does not currently support CUDA syntax highlighting/ checking.

There seems to be a good article on extending CDT:…ry/os-ecl-cdt1/

also see:


the last link seems pretty concise. A good place to start would be the editor for C or C++ (CUDA has a few features from C++ like extern “C”).

In the CVS tree for CDT(, I found the following: org.eclipse.cdt.doc.isv/reference/extension-points/org_eclipse_cdt_core_language.html

under: /cvsroot/tools and then org.eclipse.cdt/all

which talk about adding a C-based language to CDT.

vim already has one as far as I could find on

You can add this to .vimrc and get a pretty reasonable syntax highlighting:

[codebox]" define some additional filetypes


au BufRead,BufNewFile *.cu set filetype=c

au BufRead,BufNewFile *.ptx set filetype=asm[/codebox]

You may want to pick C++ instead though. This also allows plugins such as EnhancedCommentify to function properly.

On the topic of VIM and CUDA I also use exuberant-ctags with the following option:


@cancan - thanks for that, it feels good to have a better handle on how to get into the Eclipse engine bay

i have written a cuda lang file and it is added into gtksorceview-2.0 . gedit will highlight CUDA automatically.