jEdit mode for .cu files Add syntax highlighting for CUDA files in your jEdit

Hi all again,

As you might imagine from my previous post about adding CUDA support to SCons, i’m basically setting up my development environment for CUDA :-). I use jEdit as a text/source editor and once i started writing some CUDA code from this article at Dr. Dobb’s, i realized that jEdit has no support for .cu files. Initially i just switched to the C mode, but i needed to do that every time i open a .cu file, so i decided to write a syntax highlighting mode for CUDA. Since CUDA is based on C, i just modified the existing C syntax highlighting mode file and added the extra keywords and types mentioned in CUDA 2.1’s programming guide and the CUDACC define mentioned in the nvcc guide. So here is the new syntax highlighting file for jEdit, for those who like to use this editor:

Is that post still somewhere?

Im putting something hacking something like that together on github at the moment