Eco12 My big idea!

So, starting with a reasonable architecture or processing power such as GT 1030. I think Nvidia should launch a basic, non overclock fleet of GPUs, that I call ECO12.
The very basic necessity for computer gaming is to have an edge over your competition, which would mean more frames, anywhere from 75fps in higher graphics, to 120FPS + in any other graphics settings.
With these graphics cards, it would allow stages of Universal Direct X compatibility. Much like you would see the game Valorant take that approach by itself, instead, Graphics would enable gaming communities for older game titles but keep up with modern chipset architecture.
With all that, I would recommend graphene components, a mass production of these GPUs, and hopefully an API to generate at the very least NFT mining through game analytics to solve front loaded equations.
The inherent profitable discussion would be a person’s particular interest in their own compatibility, thus can create safety guidelines if need be if we’re dealing with too impressive of graphics today and into the future.
I would also recommend maintaining single slot and dual expansion slot width only for these GPUs.