GPU update


This forum is focused mainly on Enterprise Virtual GPU technology, and is not ideally suited to answer questions on laptops and gaming … However, luckily for you, I know a little bit about GPUs and gaming ;-)

Regarding your CPU, you only list i5, i7 and the generation, which doesn’t really tell us anything about the CPUs potential. A CPU model number would be handy if possible … However, you should be looking for high clock speed. The i7 should in theory be the better choice, but it depends on clock speed vs cores (which is why it would be handy to know the CPU model number).

Going from an Intel GPU to an NVIDIA GPU will be like night and day in performance terms, and you’ll be able to run higher quality settings as well. The difference will be huge!

The extra system RAM is always an added bonus and as you’re already running an SSD that will be more than sufficient.