GPU update

That’s a really slow base clock on both those CPU models, and wouldn’t be my first choice for gaming. Your CPU performance is completely reliant on Turbo boost engaging, which is never a good thing. And if the CPU doesn’t boost high enough, your performance / experience will suffer.

I wouldn’t want to use this eGPU stuff. I’m really not keen on it at all, and I’d never recommend it to anyone. It’s a complete afterthought, and a bit of a mess. It’s an extra box you’ll have to carry around and it requires desk space and external power as well. Then if you take your laptop away from your home (it’s a “mobile device” after all), you’ll not be able to use it to its full potential without that eGPU. Let’s not even get into the protocol overhead of Thunderbolt (that I’m assuming you’re going to use) vs a PCIe connected GPU.

Ultimately, you’re the only person that knows how you’re going to use the laptop. But my recommendation would be to look for a better spec CPU and go for the 1050TI