GPU Upgrade?


I just heart about CUDA and was wondering if it would make sense (and if it is even possible) to upgrade the GPU in my notebook. I currently have a NVIDIA GT330M running in a Sony Vaio VPCZ1390X with Intel i7 core but it’s not supported in Mathematica or in MATLAB where I usually work. I am running mostly lengthy Monte Carlo that could be easily parallelized. As I am often travelling it would make sense for me to have more computing power in my notebook.

  1. Can my current GPU be upgraded?
  2. If yes, what would be the Chip that would increase my computing power the most and where can I buy it?
  3. If no, can I buy an external device and connected to my Laptop? Again, what gives me most computing power?
  4. Apart from the Notebook, if I wanted to build a stationary system/cluster, what would make most sense i.e. what would give me best speed/price ratio. Max price ca 5000USD.
  5. Is it even possible to really profit from GPU computing using the CUDA implementations in higher level languages like MATLAB and Mathematica or should I rather do everything in C. How much of a difference does it make?

Thanks for your help