Electromechanical tech, I Want to train on Ai platform w/Python .I cant find Jetson Nano in stocks but, i have my Computer, and time

Hi the covid was pretty hard for my career in industry but i clearly see the general interest of companies to get closer Optimized production with A.i platforms to help production, research’s ,designs …at the moment cant find any Jetson Nano anywhere at a price I can afford I want to know to which extent i could train with the Jetpack software and the code on a 2080 RTX 8gb vram, if i install Linux +the necessary Cuda drivers etc… I have a Ryzen 2700x on a Crosshair 7 hero , 32 gb of ram and the big msi kind of noisy card…

I’m looking into resources i can listen to, and hopefully practice while i wait to find a Jetson Nano. Can anyone give me some advices ? directions ? or just thoughts, everything is welcome , I do have Cuda cores on that card and i would like to invest time into Jetpack practice or the needed “branches” of the whole training with Nvidia Ai platform…I already have a good grasp on electronics in the hardware sense. i know turn my attention to the software side of it since the last months.

Thank you all for the patience to read my humble message, i hope you have some kind of advices for me at this point.
P.s I might be able to assemble a board myself if there are some of the Chips available trough some sellers somewhere.

Have a great day

Quebec, Canada

Sorry that inventory has been low due to supply chain issues and component shortages with the devkit that we are working to address and get back in stock as soon as possible - our apologies for the inconvenience. In the meantime, you may be interested in these Jetson Partner Development Systems which support the module.

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