Email cannot be changed

What should I do to change my email address, because I have just logged out another email address and found that I originally had an account, and I want to change the current email address in my original account. But now there is a problem, it says my email is changing too frequently, how can I fix the problem?

Hi @Elephantrobotics,

Are you asking to change your old account to the email that you just logged out from? Not sure this is possible without deleting one account.
There may be a restriction period when changing addresses. When was the last change made?


I want to replace the old mailbox with a new one, but the new mailbox was registered before and it was only logged out one hour before posting.The account of the email I want to change has been deleted. When I found that I could change the email, I went to the old account to change the email. It prompted me that the change was too frequent and the change could not be successful.How long will the restriction period take?

Elephant Robotics

Can you send me the information of the account you wish to change in a private message? I can then have someone look into your account.

Hello Tom, how should I contact you, I can’t find the entrance to private message you

Click on the avatar and you will see the message button.

This doesn’t work, I don’t see the message button.

Please try now.

Okay, I sent you a message.

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