Embedded CUDA?


We’re thinking about evaluating CUDA in an embedded application, and I’m wondering if someone knows of any small form factor products (such as PCI/104 single board systems) with CUDA support? Something like a PCI/104 with a Core2 Duo CPU plus a GF9800M GTS/GTX GPU would be pefect.

If not, any suggestions for alternatives?



Maybe you could use a laptop with NVidia 8xxx, those are usually the smallest components… I don’t think those specifications are something you will find in (generally low power) embedded systems.

Yes, something like the hardware of a small laptop with an 8xxx would be just about right. Power consumption is not a major issue. Problem with an off the shelf laptop is that you get some unnecessary stuff like screen, keyboard, etc, and we we need to keep the price low.


If you can find someone to sell you higher end Type II MXM modules than these:


Then it looks like you could add it to one of these motherboards with an adapter card:


Even the latest PC/104 standard doesn’t include PCI-express. Check for yourself at http://www.pc104.org/

To get something in a small form factor for a reasonable price: go microATX. If that is still too big: go mini-itx http://www.mini-itx.com/ . The latest VIA boards have PCI express. But the VIA Eden processer by no means has the performance of a Core 2 duo. And to run the top of the line GPU on one of those boards, you will need a power supply several times larger than the mainboard :) (unless you plan on running the system on a DC-DC power supply)

I’m not aware of any embedded type systems with the kind of performance you are looking for. Usually embedded systems = low power and low performance because they are built to perform a simple specific task and don’t need all the wasted horsepower it takes to run windows Vista.

OK, I guess I now stand corrected: a core 2 system does exist in that form factor.

That starts to look exactly like what we are looking for. Thanks! An 8600M GT might be enough, at least for evaluation purposes. Does anyone have an idea how much power an 8600M GT or 8800M GTX draws under load?


Grepping around the internet, it looks like MXM II is limited to 25W and MXM III is limited to 35W. The 8600M I link to above is MXM II, so it should be < 25W. I’m assuming the 8800M is MXM III, but I can’t find any solid references for that. (Note that the LianTech board linked above only takes MXM I/II cards.)


Which type of embedded application are you developing? Is it a graphics based or some non graphical application utilizing the GPU as a super computer?



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I had asked this question many times but without many answers. There was one answr though. Just search for it if you would like to.

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see www.vision4ce.com for embedded CUDA solutions. We have not seen any other solutions