EMobot: a family mental health carer

With the development of modern society, people are facing serious mental problems such as depression, happiness, and lack of family connection. Expressing their real feeling is an important way to balance mental health. However, people are afraid to express their own feelings with other people. They usually need some comfort area to take off the fake masks such as a home. Therefore, there is a necessary need for people to create a comfort zone at home to express their real emotional feelings.

Out EMobot is your personal emotional health carer. It will create comfort, privacy, and comfort zone for you to express your own feelings. We go using humanize conversation to ask your current feelings and according to your feelings to recommend adequate music. Or you can just simply record your feeling through voice message and recall it later.

Demo Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSAoHcLSiaE&t=6s

The Link to the source code can be found at:

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