emudebug not working in CUDA v3.0?

Is EmuDebug not working in CUDA v3.0 any more?
I mainly develop program under Windows XP. Before v3.0, I usually use EmuDebug to do the code debugging and use Release to run the experiments.

Parallal Nsight only works on Win7 and Vista. Does that mean I have no way to debug my program any more? I do not see why EmuDebug has to be disabled. :unsure:

See: http://developer.nvidia.com/object/cuda_3_0_downloads.html

Thank you. I saw that message when I downloaded v3.0. This message is still not clear in emulation. The question is how can I continue to use emudebug which is useful to me. I temporarily do not have a win7 or vista machine to use Nsight which requires two computers connected through TCP/IP. This is very inconvenient. I do not see why nvidia wants to go with this direction and give up something useful quickly.

It’s depreciated, so the best solution is to keep a copy of the 2.3 toolkit around as well. You can’t do any arch_20 Fermi coding or use the newer APIs like cache control, but it’ll still work.


You can set debug emulation mode in 3.0. Just need to put lib cudartemu.lib or something like it. But it is planned to be depricated in the 3.1

Thank you. At least it works for now in v3.0 … I wish nvidia engineers will change the mind not to deprecate such a useful tool.

It’s not useful, it’s broken in a myriad of ways and often misleading (“hey my code works in emulation but not in hardware” when you’re passing host pointers to kernels or whatever). Ocelot is infinitely more useful than device emulation.

Ocelot is for lunix. Passing host pointers to kernels is something bad.
Btw, does nsight allow debugging only on 4 streaming processors?

I noticed some erratic behavior in EmuDebug debugging process but still it helped me fix a few bugs just now. I guess the reason why nvidia engineers wanted to give it up is not because it is not useful, but because it is hard to make it a robust tool.

And like Lev said, Ocelot is only for Linux. I am using Windows XP and will have to use it in the next few months at least before I can afford a new machine.