Emulation Cuda how to emule Cuda in other Card GPU?

my english is not very good, but go try.
Is possible to use Cuda with other GPU different of the Nvidia using

I don’t think that it is possible to use CUDA on other GPU’s. The emurelease mode is executing the program on the CPU. I don’t think that you can tell the emurelease mode that it should use a GPU for processing the code.

Emulation mode is only meant for debugging, not for seriously running anything, it’s very slow and spawns thousands of threads on the CPU.

Then for use toolkit or sdk cuda is necessary a GPU series 8 Nvdia of any mode?

Can i emule cuda with other software or with my GPU on-board and with my CPU?

To run CUDA programs you NEED 8-series GPU.
There is no way to run CUDA programs on other GPUs or on CPU (except for Emu* builds which are ONLY for debugging)