Enable P3 instances for the CloudXR AMI?


Is it possible to enable P3 instances for the official AMI (AWS Marketplace: NVIDIA CloudXR AMI Introductory Offer - WinServer 2019)? It seems to only allow for T4 GPU instances (g4dn) and we realize that we could hit a bottleneck here and would like to try P3 instances (v100 GPUs). The blog post from last year (NVIDIA Delivers Streaming AR and VR from the Cloud with AWS | NVIDIA Blog) suggests that this should work theoretically.



Yes you can use P3 instances on AWS as well as a T4. The difference is to use the RTX Virtual Workstation marketplace offering (AWS Marketplace: NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation - WinServer 2019) since it includes a discrete license for vGPU drivers on the P3 instance. Once you subscribe to this marketplace offering, deploy a P3 instance as usual. This won’t include the CloudXR SDK – you’ll need to download and install these pieces manually from our developer page. You’ll also need to open the Windows firewall ports manually for CloudXR.

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Thank you @wcannady, that worked smoothly!

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