AWS: CloudXR

I am attempting to set up the CloudXR Server on the NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation - WinServer 2019. I have verified that the vGPU Tesla T4 [g4dn.xlarge]
exists on the VM and the driver version is 452.39.

Although the vGPU meets the criteria for CloudXR [“For the server, NVIDIA CloudXR SDK requires any VR-Ready model of NVIDIA GPU, including Quadro® GPUs, based on the NVIDIA PascalTM GPU architecture or later architectures.”] and the driver version is “NVIDIA Graphics driver 440.97 or later” I am still received the following error: “No cloudXR capable GPU found”

I seem to be having the same issue with a Tesla T4 on Google Cloud (with driver 461.09). It seems this GPU may not be supported with CloudXR?

Update: worked when I installed the GRID driver. (thanks to the answer here: CloudXR install fails due to "no compatible GPU")