Enable USB3.0 without lost system?


I know to enable usb 3.0 requires modify odmdata and flash board. But, is posiible flash only this setting without lost installed os?

Not really an answer, but perhaps useful to know. There was a U-boot patch related to this:


Documentation about USB 3 in release notes makes me think perhaps USB 3 is not necessarily a problem after boot (I have no USB 3 to test with or confirm) even without updates. Anyone with USB 3 and a micro-A to A USB3 cable that can say if a fully booted system runs at USB 3 speed without special effort?

Use of USB 3 during boot would definitely be a problem without the ODMDATA being available (docs say firmware must also be available, but that’s a different question). Unless you flash, I think the system uses fastboot.bin and not u-boot.bin. If you use fastboot, I would bet that at minimum you would have to flash the boot loader to u-boot. I don’t know if it is possible to flash the boot loader and kernel without destroying your installation…flashing the kernel itself without destroying installation is easy. In any case, if you have u-boot already and can pause at the boot loader starting, you may be able to simply pass the information as a kernel command line item and make the firmware available.

thank you for your reply, but I decide to flash