Flashing with UART

I am bringing up a custom board. It has the production SOM and shipped with TinyLinux on the eMMC. They decided the we do not need USB0, so it is not present. Is there a way to flash the board with just the debug UART? All the tools seem to be for flashing over USB in recovery mode.

You need USB (either a micro-OTG or a USB-C…for the Nano that would be micro-OTG), along with recovery mode. There are risky things one can do by manually installing partitions in a running Jetson (and thus you get only one shot at making it work), but this is not flash and does not use flash tools other than perhaps to prepare partitions for install. If there is no suitable “device mode capable” USB port, then it will only be flashable on another carrier board. You can pretty much flash most anything while in recovery mode even if the content won’t boot on that particular carrier board. So you need some carrier board, e.g., from the dev kit if there is no sufficient USB port.

Thanks, I have a dev carrier on order and will just use that as a flashing station.

Do note that when you flash, if you plan to transfer this to another carrier board, then you’ll need the software from that carrier board for it to completely work. Typically the device tree will have different options for lane routing. You can flash that software from the dev kit flashing software if you add it correctly to the flash software. This will have to be something provided by the carrier board manufacturer.

You can also clone the rootfs partition before altering it if you want a backup.

Yes, I am the one doing the port. I am following Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package_Nano_Adaptation_Guide.pdf. I plan to build my own images, and then now use the dev carrier to actually flash the image and then transfer to the custom carrier.

That should work.

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