Flash Jetson Nano EMMC


I bought a Jetson Nano EMMC and we changed the password. Unfortunately, we forgot it. So we want to flash it.
The problem is that we do not know how.

We tried to flash it from SDK Manager but we do not know which USB port we should use. Can you give us more details? Also, did we need to have Ubuntu 18 on our PC to install it on the Jetson Nano?

I assume this is not a Jetson dev kit since they don’t come with an eMMC model. However, regardless of who made the carrier board, there should be a micro-OTC port. That port will accept a micro-B USB connector, and that is the one you’d use.

The host PC is what uses Ubuntu 18.04.

FYI, if this is a third party carrier board, then unless the lane routing is an exact match to the Jetson dev kit, you will need a different device tree than what NVIDIA provides. This would be via the manufacturer of the third party carrier board (but you should be ok if you flash with the correct parameters for an eMMC Nano on a dev kit carrier board). Third party carrier board manufacturers use mostly the same software as JetPack/SDK Manager for dev kits, but usually have a slightly different device tree.

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