Clear eMMC in Jetson Nano and reflash

Hello everyone!
I’m using JETSON-NANO-DEV-KIT-A from Waveshare as picture below.

I had flash OS in it. Now I want to clear eMMC (or format) and reflash, but I don’t know how to do that. So I flash it by SDK Manager GUI again, everything worked ok until I received the messages as below picture.

Then, I retried by using SDK Manager CLI mode, but it wasn’t better, the message is:

I use SDK Manager in Ubuntu 18.04 WSL in Window. I hope to receive your helps as soon as posible. Thanks for reading my post.

VMs are not supported, although they might work if you set up USB correctly. USB will disconnect and reconnect during a flash, which causes failure if USB is not picked up after it restarts. WSL2 in particular has another problem which is more difficult to get around: If an image is generated (and eMMC models need to generate a rootfs image), then it will fail unless you know how to add loopback (I have no idea how to do that).

You’ll be far less frustrated with an Ubuntu 18.04 native host PC (e.g., dual boot). Note also that third party carrier boards (if they differ in any electrical layout from a dev kit) will require the manufacturer’s flash software (which is mainly a different device tree). In such a case flash with the wrong software would succeed, but parts of the system would fail upon boot. You would need to consult Waveshare’s documentation on what flash software to use (they might tell you to just use NVIDIA’s software, but most of the time it is their software or a patch to apply to NVIDIA’s software).

So, do you mean that I should you Ubuntu in a PC, not Ubuntu WSL or Ubuntu VMs? I don’t know whether it work, but I followed these steps in Nvidia to use WSL: Windows Subsystem for Linux :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation
Command-Line Install :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation
I have difficulty to use an Ubuntu 18.04 native host PC because I only have one laptop, and it run Window, and it only have left under 20GB. So do you know how to fix error in WSL, I think it related to the environment but I don’t know how to fix.

Correct, installing Ubuntu directly will be much easier. You could dual boot with your Windows. I’ve never seen those instructions from NVIDIA before, but I’m quite curious if @WayneWWW or another NVIDIA moderator might be able to comment on official support for WSL2.

Do note though that being able to flash with a preexisting image has fewer requirements than generating a default image and then flashing. SD card models of Jetsons have some pre-built images, but those images do not work on eMMC models. Loopback is required to create images. Flashing only requires talking to USB and running scripts.

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