Jetson Nano dev kit - how to apply an eMMC module

Basically as subject says: Is there any information/tutorial about how to make use of a productive module on a Jetson Nano 4GB dev kit? I just found this Chinese video, which however shows the steps to mount that. But how to flash/make use of the eMMC module?

Hello @foreverneilyoung

In SDK Manager, choose the 3rd option
Screenshot from 2021-04-29 14-10-54


Thanks. The video shows in step 2 “6GB required”. My version showed “15GB required”. Fearing it will not fit (or my app will not fit anymore)…

The Jetson SDK Components may cause this difference.

If you choose only the Jetson OS, it should require 6GB.

Yeah, this is exactly, what an SDK is supposed to do: Being that fat, that nothing else can be installed. No users, no bugs, no stress… Perfect

BTW: I’m not able to even install DS. The remaining free rootfs space is 185 MB after base system and FatPack.

Generally, I remove libreoffice and thunderbird (and also chromium). This gives me nearly 1GB free space.

If you are not using these apps you can remove them:
sudo apt-get remove libreoffice* thunderbird*
(also chromium)
sudo apt-get remove chromium*

After that, delete unnecessary packages:
sudo apt-get autoremove

Additionally you can clear your apt cache
How to Clear Apt Cache on Ubuntu and Free Crucial Disk Space (

Sounds good, need more. I would have to install DS SDK after this operation. Do you have some more hints?

I’ve not tried it before SDK components installation, but it may work.

I hope that, the SDK components installing with their dependencies. So that, it should work without any errors.

apt-get clean doesn’t give that win, at least not on my SD card installation

The removal of the components you mentioned gave about 700 MB here, not 1 GB, but at least this. Not enough.

Please try
DS app running on SD, not running on eMMC - Part II - #5 by DaneLLL