SDK manager 'There is not enough space'


SDK manager shows "There is not enough space. Need additional 26214 MB on /dev/sda1. … " while I am flashing the Jetson Nano through SDK manager.

How can I solve it?

Hi @zheng1,

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Tom K

It’s better to get more disk space on your host PC.

Some added detail: During a flash an image is created which is the entire size of the eMMC or SD card on the Jetson. That’s a lot of space. There is also a “sparse” image which is about 3GB used for actual flash (created from the “raw” large image). Think of the above “not enough space” as a safety to prevent filling up your host PC’s drive. If you need more space, and cannot allocate more, then perhaps you could run the JetPack/SDKM software on something like an external SATA drive or maybe a large thumb drive so that the actual host PC is not using its root filesystem to store so much.