Sdk Manager No disk space but space is available

I have the exact same problem as this question but unfortunately that question was closed without the question being addressed or an answer being provided.

My sdk manager complains

There is not enough disk space to install the selected SDK.

Please select a different install folder or clear disc space and try again.

eventhough I have freed space to install the OS to my Xavier.

How can we solve this problem?

Hi aliaga,

May I know which Jetson platform you’re using? And your hot PC is not VM, right?

I am using Jetson AGX Xavier.
My Host is not a VM but ubuntu native. I have 36GB free

Flashing takes extra 30 GB of temporary disk space during flashing. To work around this issue, you might switch to a different drive with enough disk space, or use following steps:

  1. Select only “Jetson OS” group, which includes “Flash Jetson OS” component.
  2. Unselect all other components.
  3. Click “CONTINUE” to start install and flashing.
  4. After flashing, start SDK Manager again, select other components, and unselect “Jetson OS” group.
  5. Click “CONTINUE” to install all other components.

I think something is saying to allow with 50GB free. 36GB is cutting it awfully close…even the rootfs image, all by itself in raw form, is going to consume 30GB. The sparse image is going to take almost 3GB more. Some partition content is copied to a temporary work place before being added. You really should free enough space to have 50GB free before starting.

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I thought I would follow up to this thread because I’m having the same problem on a native Ubunto 18.04 system with 54 GB of free disk space. I’m trying to download/install JetPack 4.4. I get the same disk space error whether I deselect the optional SDKs or not. The system indicates I need 21 GB to complete the install, so I should have plenty of room. This problem seemed to arise after upgrading to the latest SDK Manager (v - the previous manager worked fine.

Any ideas?

Hi eric.kaltenbacher,

Please open a new topic for your issue. Thanks