SDKmanager error:This is no enough disk

Host machine is Ubuntu 20.04.
I am trying to setup Jetson AGX Orin by Jetpack6.0 in the SDK manager.
In the step 02, I want to use a 64G USB as fold pass of [Download folder]and [Target HW image folder] .
USB is about 60G free.
But when I selected the USB fold pass as [Download folder]and [Target HW image folder] . I got an error.

How much space is there in your root partition?
SDK Manager will install host-side CUDA tools into the root partition, so even if you select a different path for storing those download files, if you don’t have enough space in the root partition, it would still fail.

Do you have two thumb drives of that size? You could temporarily mount one on your user’s “~/Downloads/nvidia/” directory, and the other on “~/nvidia/”. Between the two of those that is by far the bulk of the download content that takes space. There are some logs and configuration in some other directories, but their size is tiny. Just make sure your “~/nvidia” is ext4 filesystem type and not something like VFAT, NTFS, or exFAT.

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