Why my Jetson Nano has 49GB free space

Why my Jetson Nano has 49GB free space?
How can i extend my home space using the 49GB free space?
I try to create a new disk, but it will always make a error.

Did you flash with SDK Manager? That can cause the APP partition to be located at the beginning of the disk.

Instead, just flash the SD card image with Etcher. SDK Manager is not required anymore and, while it has it’s fans, I would personally recommend against it’s use.

I do use the SDK Manager to flash my Jstson Nano(by reset and recover button).
Because i want to use the DeepStream SDK which can be installed expediently by the SDK Manager.
So, I want to know if the downloaded Image has DeepStream?
I hope you answer, thanks!


sudo apt install deepstream-5.0

On the nano will install DeepStream 5.0. SDK Manager is not required for anything anymore.