partitioning , 64 gb sdcard

It turned out that sdkmanager setup to nano resulted in opted out 40gb. they neither could be allocated to a separate partition due to exceed of the number of existing partitions, nor could be added to existing partitions. could they?

loop0          7:0    0   16M  1 loop 
mtdblock0     31:0    0    4M  0 disk 
mmcblk0      179:0    0 59,6G  0 disk 
├─mmcblk0p1  179:1    0   14G  0 part /
├─mmcblk0p2  179:2    0  128K  0 part 
├─mmcblk0p3  179:3    0  448K  0 part 
├─mmcblk0p4  179:4    0  576K  0 part 
├─mmcblk0p5  179:5    0   64K  0 part 
├─mmcblk0p6  179:6    0  192K  0 part 
├─mmcblk0p7  179:7    0  384K  0 part 
├─mmcblk0p8  179:8    0   64K  0 part 
├─mmcblk0p9  179:9    0  448K  0 part 
├─mmcblk0p10 179:10   0  448K  0 part 
├─mmcblk0p11 179:11   0  768K  0 part 
├─mmcblk0p12 179:12   0   64K  0 part 
├─mmcblk0p13 179:13   0   80K  0 part 
└─mmcblk0p14 179:14   0  128K  0 part
sudo resize2fs /dev/mmcblk0 1
resize2fs 1.44.1 (24-Mar-2018)
resize2fs: Device or resource busy while trying to open /dev/mmcblk0
Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock.
sudo resize2fs /dev/mmcblk0p1
resize2fs 1.44.1 (24-Mar-2018)
The filesystem is already 3670016 (4k) blocks long.  Nothing to do!

reference found:

hello Andrey1984,

could you please have another way to generate the SD card image using script “”
script makes sure to create APP partition at the end of the disk and latest resizing service will take care of resizing to occupy the un-allocated memory of the SD card.

hello JerryChang,
Thank you for your response.

sudo /home/nvidia/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/JetPack_4.2_Linux_P3448/Linux_for_Tegra/ -o sd-blob.img -s 4096M -r 200
     Jetson-Nano SD Image Creation Tool     
******************************************** - creating sd-blob.img of 4096M...
0+0 records in
0+0 records out
0 bytes copied, 8,2458e-05 s, 0,0 kB/s - creating signed images
Error: Invalid target board - p3448-0000-sd.

Cold you extend recommended steps with it? Has it just to be dd’ed to the sdcard? with

The target board id is 200 for nano (look at the source, and the underside of your Nano module). The script will take the rootfs, kernel, etc, and shove it all in a .img for you with the first boot stuff. The script calls, writing to a .img instead of a real device.