flushing the jetson nano& 128G sd-card, resulting in 14.7G available, and shut down automatically when running model

guys could you help

I flush the jetson nano with a 128G sd-card, using sdkmanager, the Jetpack version is 4.2.

but after boot I find that the space only got 14.7G available!!??

and one more problem, the nano shut down automatically when running model! is it due to the disk space problem?

$ lsblk
loop0 7:0 0 16M 1 loop
mtdblock0 31:0 0 4M 0 disk
mmcblk0 179:0 0 119.1G 0 disk
├─mmcblk0p1 179:1 0 14G 0 part /
├─mmcblk0p2 179:2 0 128K 0 part
├─mmcblk0p3 179:3 0 448K 0 part
├─mmcblk0p4 179:4 0 576K 0 part
├─mmcblk0p5 179:5 0 64K 0 part
├─mmcblk0p6 179:6 0 192K 0 part
├─mmcblk0p7 179:7 0 384K 0 part
├─mmcblk0p8 179:8 0 64K 0 part
├─mmcblk0p9 179:9 0 448K 0 part
├─mmcblk0p10 179:10 0 448K 0 part
├─mmcblk0p11 179:11 0 768K 0 part
├─mmcblk0p12 179:12 0 64K 0 part
├─mmcblk0p13 179:13 0 80K 0 part
└─mmcblk0p14 179:14 0 128K 0 part

here is the snap of the space using.


Hi 542939566,

If you follow the instruction to use Etcher tools to flash image on SD card, there should be no issue to utilize the entire SD card size, see https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/learn/get-started-jetson-nano-devkit#write

For your current case, you could use “create-jetson-nano-sd-card-image.sh” script to create image, then using Etcher tool to flash image on SDcard.

1.sudo ./create-jetson-nano-sd-card-image.sh -o sd-blob.img -s 16G -r 100
2.Using Etcher tool and select “sd-blob.img” image -> select SDcard -> Flash
3.After completed flash, plug-in SDCard to Jetson-Nano


this is ok for me.
but the sdkmanager also did the flush job, it will flush the sd card again.

My problem is that, how to flush into all the 128g into the sdkmanager.

today I tried a 64G sd card to make flushing by a sdkmanager, it turned out the same that the space is 3.2GB/14.7GB available.
same as below:

what is the problem?

Hi 542939566,

The device flashing by a SDK manager does cause that problem, please try the suggestion mentioned above afterward.