Flashing image using sdkmanager only uses/picks 16GB even though the SD Card is 64GB

What I have -

64 GB SD Card

What is working -

  • Burn the jetson image using Etcher (on OSX).
  • Boot it up.
  • Available disk size is in the ball park of 50+ GB.

My requirement -

  • Enable SPI

There is a thread (https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1050427/jetson-nano/enabling-spidev-on-the-jetson-nano-is-hanging-when-flashing/3) that describes how it is supposed to be. Essentially I must use sdkmanager and a new dtb.

I am able to use the process described in the above thread.

However, when I check the available disk size it is around 8 GB.

It seems that when using sdkmanager the SD Card is treated as if it was 16 GB.

Would appreciate if you can assist in how to ensure that I get to make proper use of 64 GB SD Card


Hi ksachdeva,

This is known issue, please check r32.1 release note:

We’re planning to fix it at the next release, however here’s an alternative way for your reference, please check if cane be leveraged on your case:

Hi ksachdeva,

If you follow the instruction to use Etcher tools to flash image on SD card, there should be no issue to utilize the entire SD card size, see https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/learn/get-started-jetson-nano-devkit#write



With the SDK installed in Ubuntu, I changed APP_SIZE in the file flash_l4t_t210_spi_sd_p3448.xml to 120000000000 for my 128GB SD card and it worked. I now have almost all memory available.

Regards, Elbert


Can you tell me where can i find the file, i too have the same issue flashed images using SDK manager into jetson nano, it is 64GB card showing only 16GB.

Do we have to change before flashing or after flashing would do it ?


Hi priyanshthakore,

Please open a new topic if still an issue. Thanks