My nano is full, did I fully utilize my 64Gb SD card?

Hi, I have a 64Gb SD card. After trying some examples, the “Disk Usage Analyzer” pop-up and shows that I only have less then 1Gb left. And the “Disk Usage Analyzer” shows the total space is 32Gbs. How can I expand the size?
If I really need to reflash my SD card, what is the proper way to utilize the full storage?


Oh, the nvidia-desktop is 62.8Gb and 2.9Gb Available…
Guess I need a bigger SD card…

please refer to this thread if tegra is not able to access the full size of your sdcard.

I just bought a 128Gb. Do you mean if I follow the same setup (, I will have the same size problem? Your link is about 256Gb, mine is 128Gb. Is it related? For the command in your link, is it before the flashing of SD card?

I am using window to flash the SD card. is there any solution? Or I can type something in the nano instead?

Hi AK51,

Please using “” script to resize your sdcard image.

$ cd /home/<username>/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/JetPack_4.3_Linux_P3448/Linux_for_Tegra/tools
$ sudo ./ -o sd-blob.img -s 16G -b jetson-nano -r 100

After complete “sd-blob.img” SD image, you can use Etcher tool to flash image on SD card.

So, I need a linux machine to flash the SD card? I can not do it in Window?

When not using the pre-canned image you need an Ubuntu host PC. The driver package (which is what understands a Jetson in recovery mode) is a Linux binary executable. Many of the tools which actually create ext4 filesystems are not available on Windows, and so just preparing a new filesystem for flash is also problematic on Windows. The GUI software of JetPack/SDK Manager is more specific, and is tied to Ubuntu as well (one could command line flash from most any Linux PC, but the GUI seems to need Ubuntu).

I used the Window to format and flash my 128Gb SD card and it seems ok though.
I only have a window PC and I tried to use an Ubuntu virtual machine but things got complicated…
If there is any video tutorial about formatting/flashing SD card using an Ubuntu virtual machine, pls let me know.

Etcher for Windows will flash the card exactly the same way as Etcher for Linux and Mac. There is no need to flash the card from VM.

Likewise, since JetPack 4.3, there is no need to install SDK Manager anymore for the dev board. After the initial flash, you may install all additional Nvidia software (such as DeepStream) via apt-get (and friends) on the Nano itself.