How to erase Jetson nano's emmc?

I bought Jetson Nano as emmc, and using with 4gb nano dev kit’s carrier board.
So I used SDK to flash nano.
I did two or three flashes because of the difficulty of flashing, but after flashing, most of the 16GBs are in use, so even basic ubuntu updates are not going on.

I think there was a problem with the process of flashing several times, so I want to fully erase and reflash emmc.

Is there a way to erase emmc?

hello koseungcheol,

it’ll erase emmc when you perform to flash the board.
you may check this, Setting Up Your File System to customize your root file system,

Then every time I flashed, emmc has completely erased?
And is it normal that most of the emmc’s 16GBs are used after the flash?

hello koseungcheol,

that’s correct.
however, you can Flashing a Specific Partition instead of flashing the whole device by using the command line switch ‑k.

it’s not total 16GB used for root file system, there are other partition were used,
please also check the partition layouts for reference,
for example, $OUT/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t210ref/cfg/flash_l4t_t210_emmc_p3448.xml

I understand the flashing and emmc deletion.

However, I don’t understand that most emmc capacity is still used after flash nano through SDK manager.
Capacity is being used at a level where the package is not even updated. Ubuntu update was executed but aborted due to insufficient capacity. I couldn’t even install my proper language package.

I just installed both Jetson OS and Jetson SDK Componets as default through SDK Manager.
In this condition, the nano module is not available.

With most of the capacity of 16GB of Nano modules in use, it is doubtful whether it is a normal situation to be unable to work properly.

hello koseungcheol,

you may have selection in SDKManager to exclude some unnecessary packages,