Can I flash jetson nano eMMC?


I am using Jetson nano B01 eMMC module and connected it in Our PCB. Please let me know How can I flash its 16GB eMMC.

I have Jetson nano B01 development kit. I have connected device to Ubuntu with USB otg cable and set recovery mod using Pin no 9 & 10 and then Power on. But now I am using below steps but i am unable to flash it. Please check and let me know.

Babbelal patel

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There is a EXPORT LOGS button on the sdkm tool. Use it to dump full log and attach it here.

please find my attached logjetson-nano.log (76.9 KB)

I am not sure what you are attaching. This should be a zip file.

Are you attaching a zip file and rename it as a “.log”?

Please run below command on your host. And you can flash the board.

sudo apt-get install libxml2-utils

Hi Team,

My Issue is not resolved now. I have attached tar file please check.

SDKM_logs_JetPack_4.5.1_(rev.1) (55.4 KB)

Your log says you didn’t select to flash the board at all.

Can you suggest me What is missing now ? I have attache all screenshot.

You should not click that “Download now and install later” option…

Please check my attached screenshot no 3. let me know if any else missing.

Yes, in your screenshot no 3, you clicked the “Download now, install later” option. Didn’t you notice it?

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Please confirm that I need to select both options or not ?

Is there any language problem to understand “Download now, install later”? This option won’t install anything to your board. So you shouldn’t select it.

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