Flashing Jetson nono emmc

i can’t flash jetson nano. it’s blocking to this step “Saved platform info in storage_info.bin”
My jetson nano kit comes with Ubuntu installed without SD Card. it means that the module contains an emmc?
also, i’m able to flash SD Card.

Any idea?

Hi ahadach,

Please try flash Jetson Nano (P3448-0020) via sdkmanager.
Select it from Target Hardware in STEP 01. Thanks!

i have already tried it and it’s not working (blocking at the same step with SDKManager).
Could you confirm if my Kit contains an emmc or not, because i read on the forum that the Dev KIt dsn’t contain emmc.

But how Ubuntu is worked without SD card?


Hi ahadach,

Does your devkit have a sdcard slot?

Yes, but it comes without SD card inserted and Ubuntu worked fine.

Hi ahadach,

Please check your jetson-nano board is A02 or B01.
A02 (P3448) is for SDcard, B01 (P3448-0020) is for emmc.
You also can check iit from L4T Documentation.


What is the carrier board you are using? Could you take a picture?
Did you get it from any vendor?

The board ID is 180-13449-DAAF-A02 (P3450) bought from Nvidia store.

Hi ahadach,

The “180-13449-DAAF-A02” is Jetson Nano Developer Kit. Has a microSD card slot instead of eMMC for storage.
Please select Jetson-Nano (Developer Kit version) (P3448) via sdkmanager.
Or flash with below command by manually:

sudo ./flash jetson-nano-qspi-sd mmcblk0p1
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Command sudo ./flash jetson-nano-qspi-sd mmcblk0p1
It didn’t work for me. My nano is still not working. Just show same error msg.
It’s blocking to this step “Saved platform info in storage_info.bin”

and also same SDKManager. It didn;t flash.

In my case, i use jetson nano module(emmc ver.) + nano dev kit board(A02).
entirely same case.

please help.

Hi joongpill,

The SDKManager doesn’t support flash emmc-module on A02 board.
For this case, please reference below topic:

Hi carolyuu.
Thank you for reply.

Yeah, actually i tried already.
It doesn’t work.

than, how do i flash on nano module?

Please try to get carrier board from below vendors.

Okay, Thanks you for reply.