ERROR : Flash Jetson Nano : Board ID(3448) version(400)

Hello, Having trouble flashing the jetson nano using SDK manager

The flash has worked before for us. It stopped working in the middle of testing and reflashing. Using balena to write an sd card image directly also no longer works on the nano. The board doesnot boot up. No output to hdmi.

The logs from an SDK manager failed flash is attached. Is there any recommendations? (148.9 KB) (187.3 KB)
SDKM_logs_JetPack_4.5.1_(rev.1)Linux_for_Jetson_Nano[developer_kit_version]|attachment (165.8 KB)

Is this your first time flashing jetson device with sdkmanager?

Hi Wayne, its among my first few days of using the sdk manager. But as stated in the problem, i have already had two successful flashes using the sdkm.

The issue happend when i was setting up intelrealsense libraries on one of my sd cards and the board became unresponsive. It would not boot up with the sd card2 (previously working and just flashed) as well. So i set about reflashing card1 and which is when the errors popped up


-reflashing-sdkm reflashing, recovery mode and usb connected
-neither of original cards or any new cards respond to the reflashing as of yesterday eod
-remounting an sdcard image from jetson nano setup tutorials using etcher doesnot allow device to boot either

  1. Is your host machine a VM? Because the error from your sdkm is very common error when the host is VM case.

  2. Are you able to directly use to flash the board instead of sdkm?

Not a vm, ubuntu 18.04 desktop

we see the same/similar sequence of errors beginning with the one, set as the title of this issue even with

Also if it was purely an sdkm issue,

Shouldnt i be able to boot the device with an sdcard image mount using etcher?

Boot problem and flash problem are different cases. Share me what reported.

Agreed. I am just reporting that the device doesnot boot either as this is one of the issues with the device. Which is why we attempted the reflashing and encountered these errors.

I will dump the terminal from to a .txt and upload when i reach the lab today.

And the uart log console is able to dump the log from the board.

You didn’t share any of log from devices yet so I guess you didn’t know about this.

Thank you for the link. I donot have access to a serial to ttl cable currently.

Do you know if the converter chipset mentioned is necessary or can i solder in jumper cables to a usb rx-tx-gnd and use it?

The converter chip should be needed.

Here is the output from running
sudo ./ jetson-nano-qspi-sd mmcblk0p1 >~/flashout.txt

flashout.txt (10.6 KB)


Do you have any other host machines that can test to flash this board or not?

Working on it

Logs from second ubuntu pc (198.8 KB) (276.7 KB)

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.

Ok, then I need your uart log result. So waiting for you to get the usb-ttl cable.