Jetson Nano Installation eMMC version

I have a Jetson nano emmc core module and a support board. I have ubuntu 18.04.

  1. The download of the files is taking forever
  2. The jetson nano is not getting detected in the SDK manager. No boards found (both LAN and usb tried)

Please help. If there is an NVIDIA office in Bangalore and a tech agent who can port the install, that would be of great help.


Dear @chandra5,
Which Jetpack version does the board has currently?
Were you able to flash the board earlier?

The download of the files is taking forever

Is it on host?

Did you check Getting Started With Jetson Nano Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer if it helps?

The board initially came with a SD card based core module which was not working. I bought an eMMC module and this needs to be flashed using SDK manager.
I am trying jetpack 4.6 version using ubuntu 18.04 host computer.
The eMMC is not being detected.
A link can be seen here → Flash Jetson NANO module with 16GB eMMc(updated) - YouTube

Dear @chandra5,
What is the SDKM verison?

Hi chandra5,

Please make sure you are using the latest SDK Manager and check again.

Otherwise, you can try flash image by manually.
Download the latest L4T Driver Package and Sample File System from here:

And follow Quick Start Guide to flash image on Jetson Nano.

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