Install on eMMC device Jetson Nano

There is trouble installing sdk tools on jetson nano emmc device 16GB version. I have the dev kit with the emmc device here in Bangalore.
The ssh is not working. hence there is issue with the installation. Attached screenshot of the same. It would be great if NVIDIA tech support can install this and give me a working board.

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If your device is not able to launch usb connection with jetson, you can try with the ethernet instead of using usb.

BTW, make sure your jetson is already booting into ubuntu desktop first.

3 points

  1. Jetson eMMC (no SD only 16GB)-> No desktop preview is output from HDMI
  2. Ethernet also not starting
  3. SSh not working

Previously with JetPack ssh (USB) used to work, no HDMI, but internet was not working. Hence, tried reflash, now ssh (USB) is not working. this is causing problems. I have the board. can send it to NVIDIA bangalore for servicing (only 6 mo) since purchase. Pls let know

Also, sdk manager is detecting USB of Jetson both in recovery mode (FCR ping gnded) and normal mode. Just ssh is not working. As such no HDMI, so cannot tell what is going on.



There is no such service to send this device to some office and help you do anything.

If you are not sure whether this device is booting up or not, then please set up the serial console log and use it to dump log.

This is the only way to check device status when those interfaces you told are gone.

BTW, there could be any kind of reasons, so need to think too much about what might happen. Just dump the log first.


As I said, please dump the log from serial console. Those message from sdkmanager no longer help.

Hi @WayneWWW I am now able to install and login to the NVIDIA jetson nano emmc board using SSH. I installed nxnomachine and am able to get access to remote desktop. It works.

However, the standard HDMI output and the ethernet cable do not work. If there is a config that needs to be run to change from l4t usb ssh to default boot, please let know else this thread can be closed and marked as resolved.


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