Boot OS for Jetson Nano

Hello everyone,
I have just bought Jetson Nano Dev Kit A in Waveshare, and it include 16G eMMC memory, I include the image of its under this post. Before that, I had followed these guides to boot the Jetson Develope Kit B01 without 16g emmc: Get Started With Jetson Nano Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer. I booted on Window by flashing the OS to SD card, then I inserted the SD card to Jetson Nano Develope Kit B01. But the new Jetson I bought it has 16g emmc, and I don’t know to boot OS to it.
I hope I can receive the help as soon as posible. Thank you for reading!

This model has eMMC in it, and so it uses different software than an SD card model of dev kit. You’ll see an SD card model (no eMMC) has the SD card mounted directly to the module. For an eMMC model any SD card is instead mounted to the carrier board.

This means the o/s is not normally on the SD card, and so adding it to the SD card like a dev kit model won’t work. There is also a different device tree. It is possible in some cases that you would use the same software for flash that NVIDIA uses, but it isn’t likely. You would now just flash the unit and you can leave the SD card out. There are options to putting the o/s on the SD card, but you’d need to check the manufacturer’s flash software. That software will possibly be one of:

  • Stating to just use NVIDIA’s software, but the target might be named differently if using command line.
  • A patch to apply to NVIDIA’s software, and the same idea of a different target name.
  • The manufacturer could supply everything for flash, although it would merely be a modified version of what NVIDIA supplies (this is the most likely scenario).

You would need an Ubuntu 16.04 host PC to run the flash software. Do you see instructions and a board support package (BSP) for flashing on the manufacturer’s web site?

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