Waveshare Jetson Dev Kit- Booting from SD card

Hi Everyone,

I am using Jetson Nano Dev Kit from the Waveshare for my project. The details about the board can be seen in this link:

I have flashed the jetson OS image onto the emmc (16GB) using Nvidia SDK manager.

I would like to flash preconfigured Waveshare jetson ROS image onto the external SD card and would like to boot from SD card.

The image is available in the following link:

Can anyone share a detailed steps for flashing the above image onto the SD card and directly boot from SD card instead of emmc of the board.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Hi prashanth.n,

It seems you are using the custom board for Jetson Nano.

Actually, you should not use SDK Manager to flash your custom board due to this BSP package designed for the devkit from NVIDIA.

You may just refer to the instruction from Waveshare.
Our Jetson Nano devkit carrier board would not have both eMMC and SD at the same time, they may enable the config for SD card.

For the Jetson Nano devkit, you could refer to the following instruction to flash the image. For custom board, please get BSP package first from your vendor and follow their instruction.
Flashing and Booting the Target Device - Flashing to an SD Card

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