How to install Jetpack image on SD card instead of emmc

I am using Waveshar Jetson Nano:

I have installed the image on emmc using sdk manager. Its working fine. I now want to install it on sd card as emmc only comes with 16gb and I need more space.

I am following their wiki page ( )where it says to download sd card image but link has not been given. Is there anyone who has installed image on sd card instead of emmc.

please check Getting Started With Jetson Nano Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer

Hi WayneWWW

I am using waveshare jetson nano and it comes with 16gb eMMC so the jetpack is installed by default in eMMC. I don’t think the standard of what nvidia recommends is not going to work.


Yes, you are correct. Actually I am not sure if you are co-worker of the user from this post.

@seinan.malgas Let me explain how things work directly here. You two are asking do the same thing and you two seems didn’t understand how this works.

  1. both of you are using a custom board from Waveshare. They added a sdcard slot on the carrier board.

Generally, the “sdcard image” NVIDIA provided is for the sdcard slot “on the module”. Such module won’t have emmc but only sdcard slot.
This is the only thing NVIDIA provided. We don’t have any other kind of “TF card or SDcard image” specific for emmc module.

  1. For such sd slot they added on their carrier board, device tree change is required. That is what their website is talking about in step 1,2,3,4.
    I am not sure why vendor is asking end user to do it by yourslef. Generally, they shall provide a BSP direclty and that BSP shall include this patch already.

Thus, I am still not sure what help you want from me. Please elaborate what is the exact thing you want me to help you here.
Are you asking that you don’t know how to change device tree as their instructions? Or the sdcard slot is already working but you don’t know how to mount the file system from the sdcard?

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Hi WayneWWW

No, I am not the co-worker of the user from the post you shared.

I am following their wiki page ( ) to setup everything.
I am first confused at the below highlighted point:

I am unable to find this card image. If we assume that this is the same image which nvidia provides then if I follow all the steps mentioned later on, it is not booting up from sd card.

Sorry that I don’t know anything.
As your website told, “the image provided by Waveshare”. We know nothing about what they provided.

Also, I don’t think your sdcard slot would work by a “sdcard image” provided by them. This is kind of common sense. The real thing that would make your sdcard slot work is the device tree steps they provided.

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now it makes sense why I fail in booting with the image from nvidia.

I couldnt boot with the TF card but I managed to activate the TF card slot.
Just change comand : sudo ./ jetson-nano-emmc mmcblk0p1
If you use mmcblk1p1 it will boot from sdcard and mmcblk0p1 from emmc.
So I just activate the TF card slot.

The one that really “activate” your TF card slot is the device tree patch… Not because of the + mmcblk1p1…

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Is it possible to load the backup image in to the sd card ?
So we move the linux system to another partition.

I found this link but dont knwo how to handle the img and the img.raw.

I tryed to load the backup image with balena etcher to the sd card and it gives an error.

I have resolved the issue. I can now safely boot from my sd card. Waveshare wiki has not helped much but then I found an script which copied all the root filesystem from internal to external storage. Have a look at this HOW TO INSTALL JETPACK OS IN EXTERNAL SD CARD IN WAVESHARE JETSON NANO - YouTube

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