Is there any information on the USB Recovery Mode use and application?

Please provide procedure on use of this mode.

Could you share more detail about what you want to ask…? Not really sure what is your question.

USB recovery mode is for flashing your tegra devices.

What is steps to be taken using the eval board. Could the image be on the flash for this flashing to device? There are no details in the design guide or datasheet. Not done yet to known the details, but suppose a USB flash is inserted in the the eval board; what will happen as correct expectation, what one should have on the flash and so on? Thanks.

Jetsons (and most embedded systems) cannot self-flash. In this case recovery mode turns a Jetson into a custom USB device. That device is understood by the “driver package”, which has to run on another Linux host PC (JetPack/SDK Manager is a front end to this). There are images for SD card variants, but the eMMC variant of Nano needs the Linux PC with the driver package. In the case of using the JetPack/SDKM front end you will specifically need an Ubuntu 18.04 host (16.04 is supported in some cases).

You could refer to the resources here. For example, the quick start guides.

The following info was located in the quick guide for Nano. Some characters in the document is not in English. However this does help but the info on the USB flash is undefined and if this is use in conjunction with recovery mode or independently. Thanks

info from quick guide****************
This section explains how to prepare a Jetson developer kit for use by flashing it with the
appropriate software.

  • You have a Jetson Developer Kit.

  • For the Jetson Nano Developer Kit, you can skip this guide and simply download and use the
    supported SD Card image. Alternatively, you can follow these instructions to flash the QSPI-NOR,
    or flash the QSPI-NOR and an SD Card inserted on the Jetson Nano module.

  • Your Jetson developer kit is powered off and connected as follows. (Note that your Jetson
    developer kit may not come with the devices and cables listed below.)

  • A USB cable connects the correct USB port of your Jetson developer kit to your Linux host for
    flashing. Use the micro USB port.

  • Any required USB peripherals such as keyboard and mouse are connected to the Jetson developer kit,
    possibly through a USB hub.

  • A wired Ethernet connection is available for installing optional software on the Jetson developer
    kit after L4T is installed and running.

  • Either a display device or a serial console is connected to the Jetson developer kit.

if this is use in conjunction with recovery mode
Yes, it is.