Recovery interface

Hello. Can i use ethernet to load jetpack on Xavier NX? I only found one solution - press recovery button and use USB to load image.

A recovery mode Jetson is a custom device mode understood only by the “driver package” (part of what JetPack/SDKM is a front end to).

Using ethernet is from a fully booted system, and flash cannot occur in a fully booted system (which is not in recovery mode). Many USB devices, for flashing, have a generic bulk storage access to the eMMC, but this is not how it works for Jetsons and direct disk access to copy an image is not possible.

There may be ways to update a running system, e.g., rsync or various package tools in more recent releases, but flash won’t work this way.

What is a recovery mode and how it works? Is button only one way to enter recovery?

If you hold the recovery mode button down, and then either power up or reset power, then let go of the recovery button, then the Jetson will be in recovery mode.

Normally holding that button down while doing the above is the only way to get to recovery mode, at least when the system otherwise is not running. If you have a fully booted system, then you can also reboot with the correct command and have recovery mode:
sudo reboot --force forced-recovery

Recovery mode turns the Jetson into a custom USB device. The micro-USB port is the one which becomes a custom device (the other ports do not have the wiring for device mode).

Tip: Although you may need to flash different software for different carrier boards and have boot succeed on that board, typically you can flash with the module on any carrier board with the micro-USB port even if the module software was not designed to run on that carrier board.

Sorry, but i not trully understand, why i can’t use ethernet or UART in recovery mode. For example, in microcontrollers, there are a lot of interfaces to burn internal memory. Tell me please what happens in recovery mode? Is there any document which clarificate recovery process?

Recovery mode is proprietary, and highly specialized. There are no ethernet drivers for recovery mode. Even if there were, then the use of that would be impossible without releasing very detailed information which NVIDIA does not make public.

Recovery mode is a custom USB device. The flash software starts by uploading what is essentially a specialized bootloader. You would need NVIDIA to tell you what goes on there beyond that information.