AGX Xavier says started user manager for UID 120 and is stuck

How to get in the recovery mode?

I just want to double check because you sound like a newbie.

What do you expect from recovery mode? What do you want to do here?

The short answer (keep in mind recovery mode does nothing unless you run the flash software from a host PC): The “recovery” button is like a shift key. Hold it down while either powering up or resetting power and it sets up as recovery mode.

Yes. Thats what I did. I was expecting it to give me a root prompt but it doesnt do that. I then used sdkmanager to reflash the entire drive.

Thank you both for the prompt reply.

In recovery mode you will have no ability to interact with the Jetson other than the flash software understanding a custom USB device.

Recovery mode is just to put the board into a state so that it can get re-flashed by sdkmanager.

Without sdkmanager, recovery mode itself won’t really “recover” anything.