Cannot boot or go into recovery mode

I flashed eMMC on NX using [L4T 35.1], did QSPI upgrade too. Booted fine. Post that I flashed an SD card, plugged it in and changed extlinux.conf to point to sd card. Since then, I’m unable to boot. It’s stuck in UEFI loop. I can’t edit extlinux.conf from efi shell as write file failed is encountered upon saving.
My first approach was to reflash the eMMC but I’m unable to get into forced recovery mode by adding jumper to pin 9&10 [switched micro usb cables but that did not help]
Kindly advise on this, how do I get to forced recovery mode from here?

My other incorrect step that I did not flash the sd card properly because I did not use as mentioned here
Where do I find this
I’ve tried downloading several archives and could not find this script anywhere.

  • There is no eMMC on an NX dev kit, it is purely QSPI+SD card.
  • An eMMC model of NX module has no QSPI. The two are mutually exclusive.

If you have a third party carrier board plus commercial eMMC module (not a dev kit), and if it has an SD card slot, then this is very different compared to a dev kit model which is intended to boot to SD card. Which model do you have? Flash software differs between dev kit (what you’ll find the default flash software is for) versus a third party carrier board (which would imply the third party provides a modification to the dev kit software). The SD card image works only on the dev kit.

So far as recovery mode goes, one shorts the recovery pins (which is really just one pin plus a ground pin) while either applying power or resetting power (either works). You can let go of the recovery pin short as soon as power is applied, there is no requirement to hold this down (it is like a shift key on a keyboard to modify boot…hold the recovery pin, tap power on or power reset, let go).

URLs for various releases:

Note: R35.1 is an L4T release, and this is what actually gets flashed. JetPack/SDK Manager is the GUI front end to the flash software for running on the host PC. A particular JetPack release is tied to a particular L4T release. Third party installers are usually a modification for the eMMC model plus carrier board combination.

There are some misunerstandings. NX emmc module has QSPI on it.

But the method to put a board into recovery mode is same.

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If this is your first time doing any flash on jetson with recovery mode, I would suggest check your host, usb cable.
Generally, it is more possible to be “cannot detect recovery mode” instead of “cannot enter recovery mode”.

“Check host” means if your host PC is a VM or not. “Check usb cable” means if your cable has data line but not just only power line.

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