Jetson Xavier Nx Devkit not booting

Jetson Xavier NX Devkit won’t load. History - there is an NX Devkit with an installed SSD according to the JetsonHacks method. A week ago after OTA update - black screen with blinking cursor. Restored the download using the Nvidia method and JetsonHacks recommendations. The next day there were new updates. Installed. Reboot … And it does not boot anymore … The state of the module is now - the indicator on the board is on, when connected to another computer - it is immediately determined by itself without switching to the recovery mode, the SSD is removed, the sdcard is formatted and the system image is recorded, the HDMI output is not is working, the radiator is heating up, the fan is not working …
The system from the sdcard image is not installed, the SDKManager module sees but does not flash. Assumption - all bootloaders are damaged … Today it became possible to connect via UART.

[0000.024] W> RATCHET: MB1 binary ratchet value 4 is too large than ratchet lev.
[0000.033] I> MB1 (prd-version:
[0000.038] I> Boot-mode: Coldboot
[0000.041] I> Chip revision : A02P
[0000.044] I> Bootrom patch version : 15 (correctly patched)
[0000.049] I> ATE fuse revision : 0x200
[0000.053] I> Ram repair fuse : 0x0
[0000.056] I> Ram Code : 0x0
[0000.058] I> rst_source : 0x0
[0000.061] I> rst_level : 0x0
[0000.065] I> Boot-device: QSPI
[0000.067] I> Qspi flash params source = brbct
[0000.071] I> Qspi using bpmp-dma
[0000.074] I> Qspi clock source : pllp
[0000.078] I> QSPI Flash Size = 32 MB
[0000.081] I> Qspi initialized successfully
[0000.085] E> No bootable slot found
[0000.089] E> LOADER: Failed to get slot for boot chain from SMD.
[0000.094] E> LOADER: Failed to get storage info for binary 0 from loader.
[0000.101] E> LOADER: Failed to get info for binary 0 from loader.
[0000.106] C> LOADER: Could not read binary 0.
[0000.110] C> Fail to load mb1-bct bin
[0000.114] E> Task 24 failed (err: 0x1d540102)
[0000.118] E> Top caller module: LOADER, error module: AB_BOOTCTRL, reason: 0x01
[0000.126] I> MB1( BIT boot status dump :
[0000.156] I> Reset to recovery mode

A request to Nvidia and everyone - is there a safe way to restore the module to work?

Please check if you can force NX to enter recovery mode, and do clean re-flash through SDKManager.

He’s already in recovery mode: ("[0000.156] I> Reset to recovery mode"). I can not flash through SDKManager (“SDKManager module sees but does not flash”). I understand that SDKManager will not help. I understand that the module for flashing has not yet been installed ("[0000.110] C> Fail to load mb1-bct bin"). Or I’m wrong?..

Please help revive the module. How do I restore bootloaders? …


I think you should read this page and try to flash your board first.

A software corruption on board should not cause flash problem.

If any problem, please do attach the log. The full log.

Don’t forget that you can back up the root filesystem partition and use the personalized part of its content (e.g., “/home” or “/usr/local”) later for a partial restore.

The Xavier NX only boots the BootROM. Xavier NX is already in recovery mode. Microboot1 (MB1) won’t boot. It will not be possible to restore by standard means - the modules responsible for loading and initializing firmware components are not loaded (loaded into TegraBoot). The log posted by me is the complete log received by the UART. What does this string mean - [0000.024] W> RATCHET: MB1 binary ratchet value 4 is too large than ratchet lev? Maybe the reason is this? Is that why MB1 won’t boot? …

Recovery mode will never fully boot, it is a special mode and will not depend on anything you’ve flashed. SDK Manager will only be able to flash in recovery mode, but not add packages; SDK Manager will only be able to add packages, and not flash, if fully booted without recovery mode.

Note that SDKM cannot help add packages if the filesystem is corrupt and full and clean boot is not available, but in no way will this prevent flashing.

I will let someone else go through bootloader restore issues.

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Please try

  1. Install SDKManager in a host PC with Ubuntu 18.04 or 16.04.
  2. Let the Xavier NX enter recovery mode and connect to the host PC with type-A to micro-B adapter.
  3. Execute $ sdkmanager on host PC and follow the steps to flash Xavier NX.

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I have the exact same UART serial dump as you. I also made a post about this issue.

In regards to the very first message in the UART serial dump (RATCHET: MB1 binary ratchet value 4 is too large…)

Here is the entire message I printed from my board:

[0000.024] W> RATCHET: MB1 binary ratchet value 4 is too large than ratchet level 2 from HW fuses.

I wanted to share this quote from the NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide:

Ratcheting is a mechanism which prevents loading of an old version of firmware. It is governed by the OEM-FW ratchet version, kept in the boot configuration table (BCT).

The ratchet version of a firmware component is incremented after security bugs are fixed. Before MB1 loads the component, it compares the component’s ratchet version to the version stored in the Boot Component Header (BCH) of the software. If the version in the BCH is lower than the ratchet version number in the BCT, MB1 will not load the firmware.

Not sure if this exposes the underlying issue, but I am eager to hear of some suggestions to try.

@DaneLLL I did attempt to use the SDKManager using Ubuntu 18.04 (installed native on host PC) and it failed to flash my Xavier NX.


I saw you file a new topic for this so I reply there. Please check.