Jetson TK1 boot USB 3.0 Flash driver with "USB 3.0 Enable"

Without enable USB 3.0, I could boot L4T_R19.3.0 from USB Flash Drive.

But If I enable USB 3.0 by

  1. set ODMDATA=0x6209C000 in jetson-tk1.conf
  2. sudo ./
  3. put Jetson-TK1 into Recovery Mode and sudo ./ jetson-tk1 sda1
  4. cd rootfs, sudo cp -a * /media/user/usb_flash_driver, sync, put USB drive into Jetson-TK1.

I could not boot from USB Flash Drive, the serial console last message is “Waiting for root device /dev/sda1…”

Is this a known bug ?

Finally I see the answer …

Ya. USB 3.0 (aka XUSB) requires firmware to be uploaded to the controller. In the L4T image, the firmware resides in the root file system and is loaded by the kernel depending upon the ODMdata settings provided when flashing (which cause additional kernel command line parameters to be passed). For this use case, create an initial ramdisk to provide the XUSB firmware, and flash that to eMMC along with the kernel.

Thanks chuang , I appreciate your detailed explanation.