Enabling serial console (/dev/ttyS0) in TX2

I want to use the uart0 (/dev/ttyS0) as a serial console. I connected to the uart0 (/dev/ttyS0) from host PC using mincom. I am able to see the booting printouts on my host PC. However the printouts stop after the login prompt. I am unable to login after this not use the serial port as console. Should there be some thing done on the TX2 to enable the particular port as a console?

hello deepak.rajamohan,

the default baud-rate setting is 115200/8n1.
please also refer to Topic 1058564, and Topic 1025363 for reference.

Thanks, I figured out that I did not set the serial port settings right. it works now with the command on my host

sudo gtkterm -b 8 -t 1 -s 115200 -p /dev/<serial port name>