encryption via ecryptfs on a TK1 / TX1

I’m trying to put ecryptfs tool onto my K1, but will need to do so again with my X1. no issue with the sudo apt-get ecryptfs-utils, but when I do
$modprobe ecryptfs (or sudo), I get
$modprobe: FATAL: Module ecryptfs not found.

I’ve gone through a lot of related topics as ecryptfs relates to ubuntu versions, but obviously there isn’t much on L4T. I’m running the L4T that was matched with the jetpack for cuda 6.5.

Any ideas Nvidia / anyone? I do a fundamental need to move whatever gets developed on the jetson into some kind of local encryption on the board. I don’t need the entire file system / or OS encrypted, but at least a folder and contents or a small mounted space.


If you just need to encrypt a directory, you could use EncFS, which doesn’t require a kernel module: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/EncFS

It seems to work fine on my TK1, though it does have some caveats (it exposes directory structure and dates).

Thanks, I also found openssl and can put together some scripts to handle en/ decrypting files as needed.