Enroot with nvhpc

Dear all,
I want to use the nvhpc docker images with enroot, but I am encountering an error.

$enroot import docker://nvcr.io#nvidia/nvhpc:22.9-devel-cuda_multi-ubuntu20.04
$enroot create --name nvhpc22p9_dev nvidia+nvhpc+22.9-devel-cuda_multi-ubuntu20.04.sqsh
$enroot start nvhpc22p9_dev
enroot-mount: failed to mount: tmpfs at /home/myusername/.local/share/enroot/nvhpc22p9_dev/sys/class/infiniband: No such file or directory
[ERROR] /etc/enroot/hooks.d/99-mellanox.sh exited with return code 1

The modulus image works with enroot.