EOL for NVIDIA Jetson TK1 Developer Kit

The Jetson TK1 Developer Kit is approaching EOL. Final orders from distributors have been received, and NVIDIA will continue shipping Jetson TK1 Developer Kits through April, at which point those orders will be fulfilled. JetPack 3.1 is the final JetPack to support Jetson TK1 Developer Kit.

Note that NVIDIA Tegra K1 SoC will remain available through January 2024.
L4T sustaining releases for Tegra K1 will continue to be made as deemed necessary. (L4T 21.6 was the most recent release.)

According to this page:

JetPack 3.3 still supports the TX1.
Can you please confirm?


Yes, JetPack 3.3 supports TX1. As noted above, the last JetPack version to support TK1 was JetPack 3.1.

Derp. Sorry I misread TK1 for TX1. My apologies. Feel free to delete my posts.

JetPack 3.1 is no longer available for download. Please confirm if this is an oversight or if this issue can be remedied. Thank you.

The 3.1 release was moved to the archive, so you need to look for it here:


Added note: To see what is in https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/jetpack-archive you probably need to log in and then click on the link again (forwarding doesn’t work right).

Ah, thank you. It appears to work now.

Linuxdev, am I crazy or was that not working when we checked last?

You are not crazy…I cheated and asked someone about fixing the link :P