Error: cannot find cutil32D.dll?why? Error: cannot find cutil32D.dll

I have two problems.
(1) I created a my own project,and referred to a SDK sample to set the solution property.
I also added the library:
click properties->Linker->Input->Addition Dependences library: cutil32D.lib cudart.lib .

After configured the sloution property,I also set the command line of *.cu file.

 The command line is:(copy directly the SDK sample setting)
(CUDA_BIN_PATH)\nvcc.exe" -ccbin "(VCInstallDir)bin” -c -D_DEBUG -DWIN32 -D_CONSOLE -D_MBCS -Xcompiler /EHsc,/W3,/nologo,/Wp64,/Od,/Zi,/RTC1,/MTd -I"(CUDA_INC_PATH)" -I./ -I../../common/inc -o (ConfigurationName)$(InputName).obj $(InputFileName)

Finished the steps above,I complie the project and it had no any error.However,when running it ,an error occured:
cannot find cutil32D.dll.Reinstall the application might be solve this problem.

Had anybody run into this error ?How to solve it?
Please tell me ,I will be thankful!

(2)The second problem is about cuda.rules .
I used cuda.rules file,but after it added, I found is didn’t take effect.So I delete it ,the program still can be compiled correctly.
But,many people said it wai very helpful.Do you think so?

you should add the
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA CUDA SDK\bin\win32
in to the “path” of the enviroment of your computer.

you can see here:…10/2278164.aspx

Second problem:
You should to know the .rules and the .vcproj are two different things.

By the way:
You can use this new one.

Thank you very much for replies!
I will try later!

“path” references to which environment variable ?

:unsure: is there English version ?